Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Phuket - Big Brother Plans

Tracking Wristband Product
Tracking Wristband

Now I am not a fan of Phuket because of the the rip off transport prices, but now this negativity has increased. I am aghast no matter the good 'intentions' of the following plans:

There are plans apparently to fit tourists with wi fi enabled tracking wristbands at some stage so that the tourist can be found if there is an untoward incident. That's the line the authorities are coming out with. I have also read that the wristbands will be able to track tourists movements to enhance planning for future tourist activities. They say all data will be secure and only used for the benefit of the tourists. In Thailand - secure ?

To facilitate this tracking they are massively expanding the number of Wi Fi hotspots in Phuket so all of it is technically feasible.

If all this is correct and it is actually being planned and not just a figment of some persons overactive imagination, I cannot see it going down to well! What do they want to do? Cut down tourist numbers to the area dramatically or what?

Lets hope this fizzles out into nothing but it is worrying.

I am sure we all read of the fitness tracking band that divulged the routes taken by armed services personnel, next it will be a map of the routes tourists use to navigate the go go bars of Phuket!

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