Saturday, July 08, 2017

Work and Retirement - Thoughts from Bangkok

Some thoughts after spending years in Bangkok......

I am lucky, or some would say sensible. But I know I am lucky.

I retired from my employment when I was about 50, the pension I receive is not huge but it allows me quite a good life in Thailand.  Prior to the crash in 2008 it gave me an excellent lifestyle for doing nothing!

During all of my working life I paid over 10% of my income towards a pension. It was difficult, especially when I was first married and had kids, but I persevered. I nearly didn't.

I was broke when I was about 25yrs old and talked things over with my boss. I wanted to stop paying into my pension to give me more disposable income.  Thankfully he convinced me not to. I thank him in my thoughts every month now :)

The sad thing is that I have met many men in Bangkok who are 50 years old or older who have no pension or any other substantial income. Many of them work here, legally, but can see themselves working forever. The UK state pension seems to be getting further away from their grasp with the increase in pensionable age, and there is also the added consequence of living here with the UK state pension not increasing for ex-pats. Living in Thailand on a UK state pension is getting harder everyday and of course the Thai Government will not help you, and why should they?

So all I can say is START  a pension plan early in life and pay as much into it as you can. The way things are going you will not be able to rely on a state pension in the years to come.

NO, I am not a financial adviser nor am I touting for business. I am just a realist

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  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Yes I agree with you totally, retirement is on your doorstep before you know it and its very difficult to make money in your later years.