Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Short Term Rentals Of Condominiums

It is great to see that many laws, rules and regulations are being enforced now after a long period of selective enforcement and sometimes a non existence regard for rules and the law. One such law prohibits people from renting condominiums by the day or week.

For too long condominium dwellers have had to put up with people renting out their condos for a few days at a time to any Tom Dick or Harry. This has been against the law for ages. The problem with short term rentals is that many of the short stayers had no respect for the other residents as they were only staying for a few days.  Likewise, the authorities had no idea who they were. Noise, mess and anti social behaviour was prevalent. I am pleased to say that this notice has appeared in the lobby of the condominium in which I live which is a good start in enforcing the law.

Unfortunately it  was mainly westerners who were at fault where I live. I am really encouraged by this notice and hope for the best.  A local agent I use for renting a condo in On Nut actually states they will not rent to anyone wanting less than a six month contract.

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