Saturday, July 12, 2014

Casual Bangkok Bar Girl Conversations

Having been in Bangkok for over 10 years I have struck up friendships with all sorts of girls. This blog is just about conversations I have had with Bangkok bar girls. Some are amusing, well most are amusing 555555. Names are not real.

Me 'Where have you been these last few days ?'
Fon '' I had to go home, my mother died'
Me 'But you said that 6 months ago - has she died twice ?'
Fon 'Oh I forgot about before'

Me 'How is your boyfriend in England ?'
Bee 'Which one ?'

Me 'Why are you lying to me ? '
Tik 'Why not, why I cannot lie to you ? '

Me 'Bar girls seem to lie all the time'
Tik 'Yes, it is part of the job, stupid men believe and we make money'

Me 'Why do you put drinks on my bill for girls I didn't buy for ?'
Mon 'Why not, they work here and its my bar. We need money'
Me 'Don't you think that is wrong? '
Mon 'I don't care'

Me 'I am not paying this bill - it is too much'
Anne 'If you not pay I call police'
Me 'Go on then - call police'
Anne 'ok pay half'

Me 'Why are you wearing denim shorts under your dress ?
Lee 'Give me 500Baht and I will take them off'

Tik 'Why is it men 40 years up think that a 20 - 25 year old bar girl loves them ?'
Me 'You tell me'
Tik 'They stupid - girl only love money -they have many man take care them'

Me 'Do bar girls prefer young men over old ?'
Ole 'Yes, but only young Thai men not young farang.  They go with older  farang to get money so they can have fun with their Thai boyfriend'
Ole 'If there is a handsome young farang and a older farang the bar girl will always take the older one because the young one has no money'

 Me 'So you had your handbag snatched last night with 80000 Baht in it'
Ning 'Yes. No good I lose a lot'
Me 'What were you doing with 80000 Baht in your bag at 3am after the bar had shut. Did you steal the bars money ?'
Ning 'Not sure it was 80000 Baht, maybe only 5000 Baht '

The list could go on, maybe I will add to it later. If anyone else has anything to add feel free to send in a comment.

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