Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The UK Thinks Its Bad,,,,,

I keep reading reports in the UK newspapers that people are fed up of going into shops in Britain staffed by foreigners and having trouble communicating with them. I had a similar experience here in Thailand the other day. No, it wasn't that a Thai couldn't speak English which seems to annoy many westerners who come here. This is Thailand for heavens sake, people here speak Thai. Or so I thought.....

So what happened was that my Thai girlfriend and I went into two seperate restaurants in Ban Phe on the way to Koh Samet. We sat down, and as usual my girlfriend wanted to discuss with the staff what was on the menu etc etc. The trouble is that none of the staff could speak Thai ( or English ). It soon became obvious that they were all foreigners probably from Cambodia or Burma. They had to get a street vendor in from the road to translate !

So the UK isn't the only place where communication between the indigenous population and shop workers is frustrating. Message to Brits stop whining LOL

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