Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blatant Racism In Soi Cowboy LOL

I popped into an infamous BJ bar in Soi Cowboy the other night to see the owner who I happen to know ( really ).

After a few beers I had to go to the toilet which is situated at the rear of the bar. These toilets are for customers and also acts as a changing room and toilets for the staff.

I was stood at the urinal feeling much better for relieving myself of 5 bottles of Singha beer when one of the girls from the bar rushed in with her hand to her mouth. I thought she was going to vomit, but no - she just went over to the wash basin and spat something into it.

I asked if she was alright and she replied yes, took a swig from a bottle of Listerine swilled it around her mouth and spat that out as well.

 I said,'What happened, are you sick'. She replied, in Thai english. words to the effect that it was farang sperm and she didn't like it. I said, ''Why didn't you swallow it", and she replied words to the effect of "I not swallow farang sperm, only swallow Thai sperm, Thai sperm is ok and is better".

Racism or what ?

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