Monday, September 16, 2013

Where is the beer in Bangkok

Ok, I have been to 7-11, Family Mart, various bars. Big C, various other outlets and either they have no booze, or are running very low on stocks. I hear two sides as to why. 1. The Government are going to hike the prices ( tax ) and the wholesalers are against this. 2. The wholesalers. whilst accepting the price hike are keeping stocks which they bought at prices below the hike to sell at a bigger profit after the hike.

This is Thailand - I have no no idea what to believe but as normal the lower level Thai people who rely on the beer trade are stuffed because of the narrow minds of the so called elite. The funniest thing is that as the same as the blackening out of the Thai logo recently after the airplane skidded off the runway, they actually think the world cannot see through it. Same as the rice fiasco.

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