Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shag Bar 2 - Sukhumvit 20

The Electric Pussy Cat bar is no more and has been replaced by Shag Bar 2 ( under completely new ownership ).  It is located in a sub soi near the top of Suk 20.

I personally believe this new bar will be far more successful than The Electric Pussy Cat, and the signs to confirm this are encouraging.

The owner has plenty of experience running a bar as she owns Shag Bar 1 in Sukhumvit 22, and at the moment the girls go from one Shag Bar to the other depending on trade. There are plans to increase the number of girls in Shag Bar 2, and when this happens I reckon trade there will go through the roof.

Other people must think the same as a massage shop has just been opened next to the small hotel opposite the bar, and the whole sub soi is slowly being 'improved'.

This pic I took of the inside of Shag Bar 2 is actually terrible, but until I get another one this will have to do :)

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