Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bangkok Electricity

I am normally tolerant and understand that the electricity supply in Bangkok can be temperamental, but my patience is running thin now. We have had four power cuts and power surges  in 2 days, one caused by an area of land sinking causing  power lines and a sewer pipe to collapse, and three others for no apparent reason.

These coupled with the regular pre planned outages for so called maintenance, makes the whole system of electricity supply a joke.

I know its my fault, but these power cuts / surges have taken out three hard drives and a motherboard  in my PC over the last 16 months. I should have got an Uninterruptible Power Supply ages ago, but I need the practice replacing the drives :) However, today  replacing another hard drive, and a PSU, has been the last straw, so within a week I will buy a UPS !!

Anyone reading this should really do the same, these hard drive/ component failures ( and possibly worse ) can easily be prevented by using a UPS - they are quite cheap, but of course they are a non productive expense UNTIL..... disaster strikes. I have spent more hard earned cash on hard drives and PSU's than the cost of a decent UPS !

Anyone who is interested have a look here to see what is available.

Apart from this problem with power it's not been a bad week.

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