Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thai Girls Feet - Again

Nothing has changed regarding my interest in Thai girls feet since my last post about the subject back in March 2009. I am still an avid fan of Thai girls feet fan but am saddened to say that the standard of feet I see today is not the same as before.

This pair were found languishing in a bar and believe it or not belonged to a 24 year old girl. I nicknamed her Yuk. A very nice girl apart from her feet !

The next shot was taken in the same bar. As you can see a friend of mine had to hold the foot still whilst the shot was taken. In my view this foot belonged to a pair of nicer feet.

I nicknamed this girl as Better. Although there was room for improvement on the big toe nail.

The next pair I came across was of reasonable standard, but again, nowhere near as good as a few years ago. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. I know I have gone downmarket due to the economic climate.

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