Monday, August 01, 2011

Kindle E Books - Amazing Value

I have always been curious about Kindle books but was of the opinion you had to have a Kindle Reader which costs between £100 and £160 to read them. Whilst Kindle books are cheap to buy the thought of splashing out over £100 to read them seemed a bit strange. I suppose if you are an avid book reader then the cost may be justified, but as I am just a casual reader, mainly of computer programming books, I couldn't justify buying a dedicated reader.

I found out today you can download Kindle reader software for a PC from Amazon - FREE!!! Just click here.

Once this software is installed and registered, you can buy a kindle book from Amazon. As long as you have set up the kindle software correctly the book is 'delivered' direct to your PC. This is excellent for us ex-pats !

I downloaded the free software, registered it, bought a kindle book, and was reading it, all within 10 minutes ! In fact as I own a laptop and PC I put the software on each one and downloaded the book to each of them ( only one purchase) .

Using the software is so easy a 5 year old could do it. It allows you to highlight parts of a book, make notes connected to words or parts of the book, and retrieve dictionary definitions of words. The notes and highlighted parts can be displayed in a window at the side of the main text for easy reference. All in all its an extremely efficient and user friendly piece of software.

Oh, and by the way, the book cost me £7.15 as a kindle - the price of the printed book was £49.99 plus post and packing.

Download Kindle for a Pc from Amazon - FREE!! Just click here.


  1. Great tip! Thank you for sharing. I don't have a Kindle and I always wanted to download kindle e-book to my laptop. Till now I was buying e-books form a website called all you can books. The website is great but some e-books were available only for kindle. But now I have the solution. Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    And if you are looking for a good book to read on your kindle, then might I suggest:

    It's all about managing your finances in Thailand ... and not becoming one of the expat financial train-wrecks that write embittered tales in online fora

  3. May I know if you bought only books available in the 'Asia Pacific' region? I heard that Amazon Kindle website does not allow you to buy books from 'US' or 'Europe' as they detect your location from your IP. I heard that the choices of books in the 'Asia Pacific' region are far less, do you think so?

  4. I have no problems buying e books off from Bangkok. In fact I bought one last week.