Friday, April 29, 2011

The British Royal Wedding

What an amazing thing ? I have just been for a walk around the area of Bangkok where I live and wherever  there was a television there were crowds of Thai people glued to it's screen. No,  they were not watching football match, it was the Royal Wedding. I actually feel quite proud that so many people who live 6000 miles from Britain love our Royal family

This wedding, and the fantastic support it has received from much of the world has no doubt improved the morale of the British people significantly. Lets hope this will see a longterm boost to the economy and business confidence in it. Happy people should start spending again !

What it has also done is give a kick in the pants  to the politically correct councils, left wing  politicians and minority groups hell bent on destroying the British culture and traditions, especially Blair and Brown,

Blair and Brown did their best to destroy Britain and we will not forget.  I am sure that is why they were not invited to this beautiful ceremony.

It certainly looks to me, and a lot of others, that Britain is getting back on track.

( My prediction for the future:  The Queen of Britain will give up the throne in 2012. Prince Charles will not accept the role of King but pass it to Prince William. This will give the younger people of Britain a role model, and perhaps reinstill a bit of nationalism into the country after 13 years of it being taken away. )

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