Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Thai Bar Girls Career Progression

I first met Nong ( not her real name ) about 6 years ago in a bar at Whitesands Beach, Koh Chang. She was a run of the mill, newly 'appointed' bar girl, who couldn't speak any English. She worked in one of the small bars down the hill from Paddy Palms and Top Resort.

I used to go to Koh Chang for 5 days every month to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and Nong made me a great companion for the time I spent there. After knowing her for a few days I realised that she was not the same as the others. She had drive, motivation, and ambition. Not to meet and marry a farang, but to make big money without the hassle of being 'attached' to one or two ( or more ) boyfriends.

As time went on she got fed up with the quiet life of Koh Chang, especially in low season, and set her sights on doubling her income. So after 10 months in Koh Chang she moved to Pattaya. She went to a couple of bars , but only stayed there 3 months. The 'Pattaya bar life' and the farang there were not for her. I saw her twice while she was in Pattaya but lost touch.

Her next stop was Bangkok. She had changed her working name and telephone number and went to work in a bar Sukhumvit 7/1 not far from the infamous Eden Club. In fact one month after arriving in Bangkok she went to work there instead ! It was whilst she was sat outside the Eden Club that I next saw her. I couldn't believe it - she had tansformed herself from a normal girl to a classy, beautiful working girl. We went for a meal ( she paid ) and caught up on what we had been up to.

Anyway, she stayed at the Eden Club for  a few months then moved  to a similar club in Pattaya. During her stay in Bangkok she took me to see her home on the outskirts of the city and took me to her newly opened shop in a mall near Rangsit. She had certainly gone up in the world and although farang money had paid for it indirectly, it hadn't been paid for in the normal way by money sent to her every month etc by men thinking that she was their girlfriend.

So, what happened after Pattaya ? I have just found out.

I got an email from her last week and met her over a coffee the other day. She now has one house, two shops, a top of the range Lexus car and works as an independent high class escort commanding relatively huge amounts of money. Her English language skills are now quite good. I have seen her website ( no, I am not linking to it here ) and she looks fabulous on it. I can see why she has many discerning clients - she has gone a long way from her first days as a bar girl.

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