Friday, March 12, 2010

Sahara, Soi Cowboy, Bangkok - New Face on the Block

Tony's Bar and Joe's Place came to the end of their time in Soi Cowboy, and have been replaced by Sahara. Sahara is a high end go go bar and is different !

I walked into Sahara last night and was amazed. It is hard to explain but the whole of the bar area seemed 'misty'. I don't know if it was mist or whether the predomiantly white colour scheme mixed with the fantastic lighting made it that way. I will ask the owner later.

But whatever caused it, the effect was really cool ! The sound system was equally as good, as were the girls. Sahara has certainly changed the face of Soi Cowboy.

The dancing area was mainly in the centre but some tables around the edges were geared up for it as well. It has only just opened so the number of girls dancing was low - but it will get better.

If you are happy to pay 155 baht for a small bottle of beer then it is certainly the place to go ( outside of happy hour ).


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    lady drink is bt. 200, so if lady orders coke plus tequila, that is bt400, plus if customer have drink for bt160, then ONE round costs bt.560, plus tip.
    So the total for one round with tip is close to bt. 600, about us$20. imho it's very expensive!

  2. I agree it is expensive in Sahara, but if you fall for the coke and tequila trap its your own fault :P

    If you want to buy a lady drink then tell her only coke OR tequila, not both.

    Do not forget that you do not HAVE to leave a tip.

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Not honest bar. They charge you for this what you order and this what you didn't. You cann't barfine pretty girls only average with the stickers. Liers, cheaters. The best not visit

  4. Anonymous2:54 AM

    too expensive compared to other bars and the fat mama-san is too aggressive... some very young girls these days....

  5. Anonymous7:46 AM

    nasty rip-off joint, do anything to get your money and agree about the nasty fat mama-san, aggressive and dishonest