Friday, February 12, 2010

Thai Craft Fair - Amarin Centre, Chitlom, Bangkok

I was wandering around the Amarin shopping centre at Chitlom the other day when I came across a mini JJ market ( and I mean a very mini JJ market ). It's on the third floor of the centre and offers a large range of quality, and very high quality, Thai craft products.

It is a very pleasant experience walking around an air conditioned market instead of the bustling, sweaty and hectic JJ market.

Of course, the prices are higher at the Amarin Thai Craft Market but the extra few baht is worth paying because of the great shopping environment.

You can find the Amarin centre adjacent to the Chitlom Skytrain Station. There is a walkway from the station into the centre itself.

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  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Anyone notice that the shopkeepers tend to give mega discounts if you support the same football club they do?I wore a Manchester United jersey and the shopkeeper sold me a bag for 100 baht while he offered it for a 1000 baht to my friend...Also I noticed that the locals are very friendly with Indians...