Thursday, December 24, 2009

Foot Spa By Fish - A New Bangkok Craze

Popping up all over Bangkok are what are known as 'Fish Spa's'. They have been around Asia for some time but seem to have recently become the latest craze in Bangkok. One has recently opened in my condominium complex and of course I have tried it out.

As you can see from the image, the 'spa' is a large tank of water with seating along its longest sides. You sit on the seat with your bare feet in the water and try to keep them still.

After the water settles, hundreds of small fish start eating the dead skin on your feet and lower leg. They haven't got teeth, they just suck the dead cells off.

The feeling is strange, a bit like receiving small electric shocks. But it is pleasant.

If you move your feet it scares the fish and they leave, only to return when the water settles.

After my session finished I examined my feet and a lot of hard, dead skin, had vanished ! I was impressed. It seems the average price for this is 150 baht for 15 minutes, rising to 350 baht for 1 hour. More expensiove than the normal way to remove dead skin from feet, but different.

It is well worth the experience. Try it !


  1. I remember swimming into a waterfall pool on Koh Samui and when resting little fish came eating skin of a small wound I had on my leg. Scarry at the beginning but kind of soothing after a while ;-)

    Oh well ... glad to see Thai are embracing green alternative sale methods !

  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Looks farmiliar, Looks like you live in the same complex same me :)))

  3. Blogger, All I can say is that, it looks like building 1 and I live in building 3 and the noodle shop next door is a bit of a rip off :)))