Thursday, November 19, 2009

Supremacy 1914 and Tycoon Online - Filling In My Time - Online Gaming

Ok this post is not about Bangkok - but it is about me living in Bangkok !

As things have been a bit slow these last few months due to the economic climate, I have spent a lot of time online trying out various 'free' multi player strategy games instead of enjoying my time in Soi Cowboy :) After trying about eight games, I have settled on two - Supremacy 1914 and Tycoon Online. These have got me totally hooked.

Supremacy 1914 is a bit like the old Risk board and computer game - but with a lot of additions ! Diplomacy, war, resource strategy, building strategy and espionage all come into it. It is set in the 'First World War' period and a 'newcomers game' has about 30 players. If you liked the old 'Risk' and 'low graphic content' games try this one out.

In the short time I have been playing Supremacy 1914 I have determined that:

1. It is essential to communicate with players. Allies are essential especially if your country is in the centre of the map. Trust is of paramount importance.

2. Do not gain an ally then move into his terroritory on the pretence of going somewhere else, but attacking him instead.

3. If you attack a computer controlled country be prepared for an instant counter attack, and the computer moving reinforcements to the attacked province from each of the provinces surrounding it - assuming they have not been attacked themselves.

4. Use artillery. Getting a factory producing artillery is vital. Then use it when you attack a computer controlled province. Put infantry an hour in front of the artillery, but not attacking. Then wait until the artillery is range, open fire with it, and wait an instant counterattack to come to your infantry. Then you buy yourself time to continue the barrage and destroy the incoming counterattack. Then move into the province city easily.

5. Railguns - if an opponent has a railgun in a fortress attack with tanks. They move faster than infantry and get inside the railguns 'minimum range to fire' quite quickly. You will take losses but once you are close by it cannot get you...

Thats it for now - I am finding out things everyday about Supremacy 1914. But I am doing well in my first game - I am number 1, with over 800 points out of the required 1000 after 40 days of playing. There is a brand new blog that will deal with Supremacy 1914 - It's literally brand new and but will be good for advice and tips.

Then there is Tycoon Online. As the name suggests its all about running a company - but the economic model is not as it is in real life. A good grasp of the rules before you start a round is a good idea !! A round starts every 90 or so days - the next round starts about 11th December. Its well worth checking out if this sort of game appeals to you. It is text based with more emphasis on game play than flashy graphics.

I can safely say that I have had many hours of enjoyment playing these games, and don't be fooled - these games are not played just by youngsters ! Most players are over 30 !


  1. I liked the old Risk and low graphic content games. Now i want to try this game which you have been shared in your Article.