Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy Girl Bar, Bangkok

'Crazy Girl Bar' is another bar that has opened in the last few months. Its situated on Sukhumvit Road more or less half way between Asoke BTS station ( skytrain ) and Phrom Phong BTS station. It's near to the junction with Sukhumvit Soi 29, and on that side of the road.

Its a run of the mill pool/ beer bar but with more girls than normal. In fact there are some very cute girls.

There are two pool tables, and two bar counters. There's also a few flat screen TV's for the customers, and music of course.

Now, the prices ! To have any chance of competing with the nearby 'Penalty Spot' they will have to offer beer cheaper. During happy hour a bottle of beer is 69 baht. The trouble is that happy hour finishes at 19.00hrs and after that a bottle of beer is 100. They could really do with extending the happy hour until 2030hrs.

Most other bars, especially in Soi Cowboy, have happy hours until 20.30hrs. Dollhouse has beers all night at 80 baht - you cannot get better than that.

Oh, the bar fine is 1000 baht in Crazy Girl !! 800 baht of which goes to the bar, and 200 baht goes to the girl. So remember this when's outrageous for a same same beer bar. Oh one other thing is that there is internet - the computer is switched off most of the time because the girls use it too much, but it is available for customers. Just ask.

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  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Been there now quite a few times. It's really a nice place. Girls are cute and very friendly and play damn good pool. Haven't tried the girls special services yet, coz i have GF right now :-) But it must be worthwhile trying, coz they are so cute and gourcious. I stepped in about ten times in this bar, and there was about 7 to 10 girls present. It seems that you can do "the job", upstrairs. Anyways, good admosphere, worth a visit !