Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pantip Plaza or Fortune Town, Bangkok.

Bangkok is well known for its Pantip Plaza computer supplies complex. It's a 5 storey building full of computer equipment and electronic devices. Software of all types is available by the wheelbarrow load at very cheap prices. It is no wonder that it is normally heaving with people fighting their way through the touts trying to get you to buy an xxx DVD !

Pantip is cheap, but for some people it is just too busy. It can have an intimidating environment at times, and is not that easy to get to. The best way to get there is by taxi, but at times of traffic congestion this journety can take too much time. You can get the BTS ( sky train ) to either Chitlom or Rachatewi and walk for 15 minutes or get a motorbike taxi but all this can be inconvenient. Tuk tuks are also available but I for one will never travel in one as they are a rip off.

You can get 'food hall' food within the complex and other fast food nearby, but because the area is very popular it can get very crowded.

On the the hand Fortune Town offers similar in terms of computer equipment, software and electronic devices but is much more user friendly. Ok, it is not as cheap as Pantip but only a few baht more expensive. In my opinion Fortune Town is better than Pantip for numerous reasons.

Fortune Town is easy to get to - the Phraham 9 MRT ( subway ) station is directly outside the front doors ( just two stops from Sukhumvit ) . The whole complex is a shopping mall with the top floors housing the computer, software and mobile phone stores. You can buy more or less exactly the same as what you can buy in Pantip but without the hassle.

There are restaurants, a Tesco Lotus and other good quality stores within the complex so you can get everything you want easily. There are very few touts and the staff in the stores are friendly with very little in the way of the high pressure sales tactics that you will find in Pantip. Oh, there are a few massage shops as well.

All in all the shopping experience in Fortune Town is far better than in Pantip Plaza.


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    Can anybody help me, I have a locked palm pre phome (from UK, on O2 network). Can i get it unlocked anywhere in Bangkok ? Pls email me.