Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tilac Bar - Soi Cowboy - Possibly The Best Bar Of Its Type In Bangkok

Tilac Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Tilac bar is, in my opinion one of the best 'a go go' bars in Bangkok. The bar is situated just inside Soi Cowboy, on the left coming from Asoke Road, next to DejaVu a go go.

It is a brightly lit, table dancing type of bar and has loads of gorgeous girls working there. There is a central stage, but there are also dancing tables surrounding it. Whoever designed the bar deserves an award. The dancers wear skimpy clothes leaving not a lot to the imagination.

Tilac Bar seems to get busy inside as soon as its open ( 7pm ) and stays that way until it closes. Prior to the dancing starting you can sit outside and watch the world go by over a beer.

The girls are not too pushy and leave you alone if you so wish. The prices are cheaper than many other bars in the Soi - although I still say you will have trouble finding a better deal than 205 baht for a jug of draft Heineken in Cowboy 2. Cowboy 2 is on the other side of the soi next to Spice Girls.

Anyway, getting back to Tilac Bar - an interesting feature of the bar is its mens toilets. As you stand at the urinal you can look through a one way panel of glass and see the action in the bar. I have overheard many customers in the toilets commenting positively about the feature. No, I am not a toilet pervert, I just frequent the bar a lot and drink a lot of beer at 130 baht a bottle! :)

The bar fine is 600 baht for a dancer, and I think 1000 baht for a service girl - not all service girls are available.

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