Friday, August 07, 2009

Tampons or Towels ?

Its been troubling me for sometime. Although it might seem strange that I am thinking about this, but I am.

Why have I never seen tampons for sale in Thailand. Only sanitary towels ?

Is it that Thai women never use tampons for some reason best known to people of their culture ? Is it that tampons cost more than towels ?

To me, with my Western upbringing, the tampon seems the most hygenic option for the menstruating women. Can someone please enlighten me as to why there do not seem to be any in Thailand ?

My girlfriend does not even know what a tampon is !! So she is no help.


  1. Menstrual blood is a taboo subject in Thailand, certainly it has a spiritual connection. So my guess is that tampons are considered "dirty" because they absorb blood and keep it in, so to speak, whereas pads do not block the flow. I guess pads need to be changed more often too, so they would be considered cleaner(?).

    During the PAD demonstrations last year Sondhi famously thanked the women members of the PAD for having fought off evil spirits by placing their used sanitary pads around the perimeter of a temple - confirming that witchcraft and sorcery were alive and well in Thai politics.

  2. Thanks for that Leosia. The spiritual connection is no doubt a lot to do with it. It looks like such blood is a very powerful thing !