Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bangkok Escalators, Lifts and Trains!!!

Its not just in Bangkok, but it seems to be very bad in Bangkok. I am talking about people going about their daily business with little thought for other people around them.

On escalators at the BTS stations.

When its busy people quite often run from a train to the escalator but then stop when they step on it blocking it for people who really are in a hurry. Then there are the people who step off the escalator and stop dead in their tracks - and then wonder why people push into them from behind. Its the same the other way round, they get to the start of the escalator and stop for no apparent reason. Why ??

Then on the platforms at BTS Stations.

It happens on the MRT too, but in my opinion much less than on the BTS.

Despite the arrow indicators painted on the platform indicating that people should get on the train at the side of the door opening, people still block the central areas. They effectively stop people getting off. In fact these people try and get on without a care in the world for those trying to get off ! Why ??

On to lifts.

Quite often I am in the lift in my condo building traveling down to ground level and when the doors open I cannot get out. The area in front of the doors is often full of people all trying to get in the lift to go up, as I try to get out. If its not people blocking the doors its a family with kids, pushchairs and shopping all right in the middle of the door area. I cannot understand it. Why do they do it ?? They could easily stand to one side.

Is it me or is it really bad in Bangkok - I suppose its just a continuation of driving habits and skills exhibited on the roads ! But at least you don't have to pay 200 baht to use an escalator I suppose !


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    lol @ the elevators !

    that's something typical for Thailand, don't know why but they all do it: trying to get in before letting anyone else out

  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    All of these wonderful characteristics I have witnessed first hand as well, but alas, I have no better understanding or insight to shed on the situation. Almost everyone I know who lives here has pondered these same mysteries. From discussions with my friends I have heard two compelling answers: First, most Thai behavior is centered around a herd mentality that can be witnessed in everything that they do so why should their grazing and shuffling about be any different; Second, Thais lack courtesy in any form that is not regimented by set rules of respect or social class. Thais will step aside for people they deem "higher" them, but will plow right on through everyone else. They simply don't understand that courtesy is something that should be afforded to everyone. -TheCowboyKid (your site won't let me post under my ID for some reason)