Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thai Girl Bites Man.....

Need I say more ? This happens quite a lot in Thailand. Much of it is not reported to the media. Be warned :)

The Nation Newspaper, Bangkok

Pattaya - A Belgian tourist was severely injured early Thursday when his Thai girlfriend bit his male organ and almost severed it, police said.

The tourist, Eddy Iam De Velde, 56, was rushed to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital and doctors managed to save the man's organ.

The hospital reported the event to police at 5:30 am.

The man told police from his hospital bed that his girlfriend, who he has been living with for about a month, injured him.

She said the woman became angry after learning that he had another Thai lover.

The two quarreled while having sex so she bit him and he called friends to send him to the hospital.

Police will arrest the woman whom has yet to be identified.

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