Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bangkok - Cheap Night Out For A Change

I sometimes think that going out for an evening in Bangkok can be just as expensive as going out in the UK, but last night I was proved wrong. I had a really relaxing evening for less than 1000 baht (£20 or USD28).

I found this great massage shop near Sukhumvit 83 where i was pampered with a 1 hour body scrub, followed by a 1 hour oil massage. Guess what, it only cost me 500 baht - where would you get the same in the UK for a tenner ! Then I walked down Sukhumvit Road to the bar area in the market next to On Nut BTS station.

I managed to down about 3 litres of Chang beer - for 240 baht or about £5. So all in all a great evening for about £15. Oh, the girls I ended up drinking with didn't cost me a single baht. They had already bought a tower of 5 litres of beer before I got there, so I just paid for my own :P

There is no way I could have had the same in the UK for that. Lovely weather, great company, friendly atmosphere, what more do you need. The evening reinforced my desire to stay in Thailand for as long as my body allows me too :)

Ok, there were not the attractions that you find in Soi Cowboy but it made a pleasant change - and my wallet still has money in it.

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