Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Season in Bangkok Already ??

The weather in Bangkok seems to be as messed up as the politics ! First yellowshirts, then redshirts. Now we have hot and sunny days, followed by wet and stormy days - and its not the rainy season yet. It should be weeks of sun, not this !

One thing though, the wet days certainly brings down the temperature and therefore my use of electricity. For the last 30 days the electricity consumption in my condo has gone up by 50 per cent, all because of the heat. The air conditoning units have been going 24 hrs a day. So in a way I am thankful for the stormy weather.

So you can see what I mean I have posted below two views from my mates room. The first is what it should be like and the second is from this afternoon. I feel sorry for the tourists !

For more information on the seasons in Bangkok got to


  1. yeh I bet the other 13 coins have the great services, but this one on Ratchada does not.

    They work so slow and never ever ever care the customers. They even have the supermarket-frozen-alike pizza. ... that's disappointing.

    anyway, It just updated my another blog mentioning about rain in bangkok. Watching news, they said there will be raining for this whole week because of the storm. so take care, eat much pork- you are not getting the swine flu :)

  2. ThiThi,

    Thanks for the comment, and its still raining as I post this :)