Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Farang in Thailand - Taken For A Ride

I am losing count of how many farangs I hear that have been 'bankrupted' by a girl in Thailand. The vast majority of men who form a relationship with a girl here know that most of them just want money. Love from the girl rarely comes into it.

Unfortunately the heart overules the brain for many farang and they think, 'Not my girlfriend, she is different' or 'It won't happen to me - I am too smart'....................

But the sad thing is that it frequently does happen to them!!

There are people who say its only farang men aged over 50 with girls half their age are the ones asking for trouble, but in my experience it can happen to anyone, whatever the age.

There are exceptions of course, but in comparison to failures, they are negligible.

Here is another failure.

Broke German Firebug Arrested

A former German military engineer, Heutsch Dieter Becker, was arrested on Monday on charges of setting fire to 11 public phone booths and advertising signs at three bus stops in Bangkok's Thong Lo district.

Mr Becker, 64, said he entered Thailand on Oct 5 last year. He met a Thai woman in Pattaya and she left him financially destitute. Metropolitan Police commissioner Vorapong Chiewpreecha said.

The German admitted he burned down the phone booths and set fire to the advertising signs with a lighter and said he was frustrated because he had failed to contact his friends in Germany by using public phones, Pol Gen Vorapong said.

Mr Becker said he had to steal coins from phone booths and take food from local shrines to stay alive. He had slept at bus stops and was aware people were repulsed by his appearance.

The suspect said he also set fire to three ATMs in Pattaya.

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  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I usually go to Bangkok with a fixed budget. It's usually more than enough at around 5000B a day. That's after paying for my airtickets and hotel room (1500B a night).
    I guess it helps that I've done my research on the net.
    More importantly, never get swayed by one pretty girl becuase there are many pretty girls in Thailand. Too many. And the one that is charging you a bit more than the usual... is usually somebody to watch out for.
    I'm generous with tips. But very watchful when they ask for more than tips. Then you have to say no.
    Buddhist believes not to beg or ask. Only receive when given.
    But like stray dogs (yes i think we are a lot like dogs), if a good man gives food, eat like there's no tomorrow. When the food stops coming, forget about him. That's what life is about. Sometimes the man gives sweets. Hooray. But sometimes the dog refuse to eat the food, cos somebody else has fed it.
    sometimes even the dog gets a proper shower.