Monday, February 02, 2009

Its Pay Day !!

The much awaited pay day has arrived ! So its off to Soi Cowboy for a few beers and some fun tommorow night. I can't go tonight as I have too much to do on the net. Its a shame as Monday nights are normally the best - not too many tourists :)

If I have any spare money left in my weekly entertainment budget, I will be able to go next Monday as well. It's really crazy having to have an entertainment budget ! I have never had one before, but with money being so tight its essential.

It's getting so bad I am even thinking about putting a putting a PayPal 'donate' button on this blog ! Will anyone donate I ask ??

Then again I could go down to Silom Soi 2 and try and sell my xxxx but I don't think I would have much luck. I cringe at the thought. In any case I haven't got a work permit :P

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