Saturday, January 24, 2009

Money No Good !!

Its getting much harder now for us people living outsie of the UK but on an income generated in the UK.

Due to the falling pound, my effective income has dropped 30000 baht a month in the last 5 months !

I cannot see how the value of the British pound has lost 25 YEARS of gains in 5 MONTHS. There is something seriously flawed with a system that allows that to happen, and there is something seriously flawed with a government that allows it to happen.

All the excuses the British government are making about it being a global problem and that they had no idea that it would be so bad, is absolute rubbish. They knew full well what was round the corner and used their time feathering their own nests instead of putting the British people first. I loathe them.

I see no other currencies being hammered so much. Possibly, hopefully ( wishful thinking ? ) in a few months time, the pressure will be off the pound and onto the Euro or dollar - but I doubt it. I have no faith whatsoever in the present British government, and nor has anyone else.

Maybe its time us ex pats in Bangkok had a demonstration outside the British Embassy !!

Before people living in Britain say that ex pats had it too good for too long need to shut up - they could have done the same but did not have the bottle. Perhaps we should come back to the UK and live on Government handouts at your expense.....

So Nima, now you know why you don't see me as much as before. You owe me for using the pics !!

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