Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Lights in Soi Cowboy

Kiss Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Midnite, Kiss ( the old Black and White ), and De Ja Vu agogo bars in Soi Cowboy have had some new neon signs. To be fair they look great ! I have been critical of the owners business strategy in the past but now I see what he is doing.

As the recession bites he is looking towards the Asian market, and the westerner who actually has money ( if there are any - LOL ) From the look of Cowboy over the last couple of weeks their does not seem to many ! The new signs will go a long way to getting passing trade to go in. I would think they are advertising in some form of Asian press as well.

Midnite Soi Cowboy Bangkok

I took these pictures last night, which show the new signs. Coyote girls are the main attraction, but with the coyote bar fine at 2000 baht, and a coyote lady drink at 200 baht, I will not partaking in their company. The 'normal' girls are there as well so they will be the sole target of my attention ! I just wish that the pound would strengthen, or the value of the baht drop through the floor - preferably both !

DeJa Vu Soi Cowboy Bangkok


  1. GREAT! now Deja Vu can raise its already outrageous drink prices to pay for the new neon. at ß130 for a Chang, i'll never step foot inside the place again. walked out last time.b

  2. Must have been a sometime ago ! It's 145 baht now for a small bottle of beer !!

  3. OUCH! was only 2 months ago, i think! about 6 months ago Angel Witch was getting ß180 for a Beer Lao Dark. i paid it and relished it like i'd never have a cheap beer again. paid and walked out without a tip and will NEVER step foot inside that clip joint again.