Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Times Are Getting Harder

I read today in the Thai press that the Thai tourism authorities are anticipating that the number of tourists coming to Thailand from the UK is going to increase from what it was last year !! Are they crazy or what ?? The exchange rate is at its lowest for years, many thousands of people are losing their jobs in the UK as I type this, and its going to get worse ! So where are these extra people ?? Hiding away with money hidden under the mattress !

Unless the baht is devalued by 5 - 10 % or the pound strengthens, very few people are going to come here from the UK in the next 12 months. Tourism to Pattaya and Bangkok is already well down on what it should be! I know many Bangkok businesses that service the tourist are getting rid of staff....and more are to follow.

It's a sad time for all the thousands of low paid Thai workers (and their families)who work in the tourist sector.

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