Sunday, November 02, 2008

Latest Addition to My Nikon Kit

I popped over to Seacon Square shopping centre today. My girlfriend had a body scrub, I had a massage, and then bought a Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D lense for my camera. Excellent value, all the reviews I have read state this lense is far better than anything similar that costs 3 times the price ! We will see.

I need it to take pictures for publishing on Shutterstock. At only 3800 baht it could be a bargain !

The body scrub cost 350 baht, my massage 500 baht, and lunch 450 baht. When you think about it, the lense was the best value as it will last a long time !With the exchange rate at 55 Baht to the UK Pound at the moment, every baht counts !

I cannot believe what has happened to the Pound, and I cannot see how the Baht is so strong. Only a month ago I was getting 63 baht to the Pound. Tourism to Thailand is down hell of a lot, businesses are laying off staff, and the Thai authotities say that come the New Year 1 million more Thais will be unemployed. So why is the Baht so strong ??

Anyway, I suppose I will have to curtail my trips to the bars for now - I reckon I will have to cut down my bar excursions from 4 a week to 2 - so sad, but probably a good thing for my health, and more time to take some decent pictures.

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