Monday, October 20, 2008

Eating in Bangkok !

If you have never been to Thailand the thought of what you are going to eat there may be high on your list of concerns. But it shouldn't be !!

In Bangkok in particular and the other main tourist destinations, you can eat the same as you normally do. Of course restaurants serving tasty Thai food are in abundance, but western and muslim food is also widely available.

The normal Pizza Huts, McDonalds, KFC and Subway restaurants can be found all over Bangkok, as can traditional Chinese, Japanese and other European establishments.

Thai Food Is Hot ??

Most Thai dishes are very hot ! Chilli is used in the cooking of most dishes and dry Chilli powder is used as a condiment. If you are worried that Thai food will be too hot for you there is no need to be. When you order a dish just say 'Pet Nit Noy' to the waiter. This means ' hot a little bit' and hopefully they will reduce the amount of chilli they use in the dishes preperation.

However, if chilli is not for you there are plenty of dishes that do not include chilli - such as the various fried rice dishes, beef in oyster sauce, and barbeque pork or chicken.


You can eat very cheaply in Bangkok or pay the highest prices. At a push you can have a traditional Thai dish, served by a street vendor, for 25 - 50 Baht !

Or you can visit the restaurant on top of the highest building in Bangkok and pay a fortune. As the Thai's would say, 'its up to you'

The food dished up by a street vendor can be very good value but there are two things you should watch for before using one.

1 . Check that the vendor has not set up his cart/ tables near a drain cover or pile of rubbish for obvious reasons - many do.

2. If a vendor is in a row of other vendors and has no customers whereas the others have - avoid him !

A Selection of Fried Insects For Sale - A Thai Speciality

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