Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back in Bangkok - Hot and Wet !

I arrived back home in Bangkok on an Etihad airways flight ( changing planes in Abu Dhabi ) - excellent flights, excellent cabin crew and excellent food, and excellent entertainment ! I have travelled with Etihad a lot and have never had a bad experience - it is a shame that cannot be said for British Airways !

Anyway the rainy season is starting in Thailand, so its hot and sticky days ahead, aircon working flatout and staying indoors during the day. Its a great time of the year to spend hours and hours online :)

I have just finished a website for a friend of mines bar called

Oasis Bar. Feel free to have a look :)

I am also n the process of setting up some niche ebay affiliate sites - all aimed at increasing my income ! With the weakening of the UK pound, I am only getting 62.5 baht to the pound now - a drop of some 7 baht on a year ago. So economies have to be made and income increased. More difficult to do than say !

Its back to Adobe Dreamweaver time - more HTML to be written.

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