Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Time No Post - Back In England

Well, I am back in England for a few days - strewth its cold here ! I want to go home ! But I have to wait until 20th April to go back.

One thing though, I have curtailed my beer drinking here - its too expensive. I have only been out in Winchester on one night and that was enough - very boring compared with Bangkok.

I have bought a Nikon D80 digital slr camera, and a Nikon lense, to take back to Thailand. Its crazy really, the camera was made in Thailand !! However it was cheaper to buy it in England than in Thailand. Nikon UK gives 50 GBP cash back and the retailer I bought it from gave a 50 GBP discount so I got it for 569 GBP including the 18-155mm lense! In Thailand I would have paid 39000 baht or 640 GBP.

Its a great camera, the picture quality is outstanding - at last I can take pictures that will be acceptable to, they have always rejected ny old pics because of distortion and noise due to a crappy lense and low resolution.

If anyone reads this - do not assume that goods made in the Far East are cheaper there than the UK. Check online for both countries and you will find out - I have never seen a reputable retailer in Thailand give big discounts, nor a manufacturer give cash back !

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