Tuesday, November 20, 2007

True Friendship

Pie, my best friend in Thailand was in a sorry state last night. It was the anniversary of her boyfriends death in a road traffic accident. She got drunk, and so did I. My credit card got a battering and bar profits soared !!

I am still feeling bad about my girlfriend and Pie knows this. My girlfriend who ran off still calls Pie everyday and talks about me. But she refuses to talk to me - which I cannot understand. Pie thinks she will come back to me in time....

But even though it was a bad day for her, Pie still managed to support me whilst I tried to support her. I asked why she was trying to help me - she stated that I can get my girlfriend back but she can't get her boyfriend back, so my predicament was more important than hers.

I cried. That is true friendship and I love her for it.

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