Thursday, November 22, 2007

Have you spare Pc Power !!

I have just signed up to this, utilise your spare processing power when online. Gomez gives you a client app that runs in the background on your Pc and makes money.. I have the client on 3 Pc's of mine already....

You can make 30 - 45 USD a month - Check it out. I have heard nothing to to its detriment. Get your own referrals and get a 2 dollar bonus when they become active.

make sure maverell is in the referrer field !! I have 9 referrals already.

Gomez wants peers in the USA, Mexico, Canada, The UK , Japan, Austrailia, Korea, Germany and South America - YOU WILL become active if you are in these areas. In other areas it may take a few days to become active

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