Friday, September 22, 2006

Eventful Days

Well this week has been pretty busy here in Bangkok. A military coup, I witnessed a breast inspection, and I have sprained my left ankle !

The military coup was more of a celebration than anything else ! Everyone here seems happy that Thaksin has gone from power !! I did not see one soldier or tank, and there were no police about on the night of the coup so a lot of the bars stayed open all night. Party time !

I was in the Champagne Room the other night. As usual the lights were dim and it was difficult to see facial details of anyone unless you are close to them. The girls working in there will line up in front of you so that you can select whichever one takes your fancy. Well, a group of Japanese men came in and had the girls line up for them. They couldn't see too well so one of them got out a small torch - not to look at the girls faces but to examine their breast sizes ! He was sighing and cheering as he went along the line ! We were in stitches and it rounded off a great night out.

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