Sunday, August 27, 2006

Upset The Neighbours

Oh well it had to happen sooner or later. There is a swimming pool about 5 yards from the front door to my apartment and guess what - someone fell in it after a night out. No it wasn't me - it was one of two girls I was bringing home for some morning coffee......

Well it was 6am ish, we were all drunk and she just fell in , and just to make everything fair me and the other girl stripped off and dived in after her. Quite normal in my view but not in my neighbours !!!

The woman next door (half Thai half English) came out of her apartment and told us to behave and get dressed because children might see us ?? I tried to tell her that no children lived in our apartment block but she wouldn't listen - I reckon she was just jealous !!

Anyway, we got out and went indoors and carried on the fun on my bed. I have a sore dick now so need to go to the pharmacy for some soothing cream :)

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