Thursday, August 17, 2006

Major Shock !

Wow, someone has actually read this blog and put in a comment !!! I nearly fell off my chair when I realised what had happened. Thanks :)

I got home last night at 4am - pissed as a parrot.

Me and my mate hit a few places - Cowboy 2 a go go and Long Gun a go go in Soi Cowboy. Followed by fish and chips in the chip shop in Soi 23 ( yes this is in Bangkok ). Then we moved on to the Callaluna bar in Times Square. I haven't been there for a few months now - its very sad but this bar is in decline, not enough customers, I give it no more than 6 months before its sold.

After that we went to Patpong - its low season for tourists and I didn't expect to see many there, but this was bad, very few tourists. So the touts were aggresively trying to get what was there into shops, clubs and bars. The touts are normally quite nice but they were obviously getting desperate.

We popped into Kings Castle 1 a go go for a beer but then got a taxi back to Sukhumvit and the Huntsman Bar in the Landmark Hotel. The band that plays there are very, very good. The lead singer is in my sights as someone to get together with - but I expect she is in many other mens sights too !

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