Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back in Bangkok

Right - got back to bangkok on Sunday. Can't say I wanted to stay in the uk. Very nice flights with Etihad Airways. On time and very comfortable.

Got back in my apartment and it really felt like coming home. The girl I have hired to keep the place clean has done an excellent job. She comes 3 times a week, cleans the place from top to bottom, does all my laundry and ironing, puts the clean clothes away, does the washing up, changes the bedding - all for £25 a month ! She has even put 2 big pot plants in the room to make it really feel like home !

Well its out with my mate tonight. Singha beer, bacardi and coke, black nam, and B52's. We have also booked a table at a great Italian restaurant in Soi 2 - I'm starving. I haven't had sex for a week - should be a good night.

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  1. I am sorry but i found that "I haven't had sex in week" line quite humorus :) considering i havent had sex in 1 year now. :) hmmm... but trust me people do read blogs even if they do not leave any comments. So keep them coming and don't stop writing. Take care an di will catch you inside Eve- Online!