Sunday, June 25, 2006

Flying Back To The UK

Well I am updating the blog from the Pearl zone of an Etihad Flight from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi.

The internet connection by Connexions of Boeing is excellent considering we are at 36000 feet travelling at 500 odd miles per hour. But then again modern fighters have had data stream connections for a longtime....

I am off back to the UK for 2 weeks just to sort out a few things and see my mum and dad.

Life has been so hectic in Bangkok that I have not really had a chance to update the blog. But I suppose it doesn't matter because no one reads it !! Or maybe they do ?

Rainy season has started in BKK - thunderstorms and minor flood are commonplace. But it is still lovely and warm albeit humidity can go up to 89% so if you are coming over don't forget to buy an umbrella when you get here.

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