Thursday, April 20, 2006

After Skool - Soi Cowboy :)

Well, what a night last night was. My mate and I had a night on the town...starting off in Soi Cowboy. To cut a long story short we ended up in After Skool Bar ! As soon as we entered the bar we were surrounded by about 12 girls all wanting to get our d**ks out. We did'nt have a chance to say no even if we wanted to :)

Anyway things moved on and just before the fun started a British guy and his British girl walked in. They were clearly on holiday and didn't know what the bar was all about !

The girls stopped what they were doing for a second or two, but as the new 'couple' sat down and ordered a beer each ( instead of legging it ) , the girls continued...

Our d**cks came out and a couple of bar girls started on each of us. The British girl didn't know where to put herself !! Her eyes nearly popped out of her head ! Her partner was gobsmacked and probably wanted a go as well !

But to give her credit ( if thats the word ) the brit girl stayed watching until we were finished

She smiled and ordered another drink. Then the night continued....

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