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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Bar Girls - Fiction or Fact

Many visitors to Thailand encounter bar girls and share their experiences. Whether it is in a blog, website or actual hard copy.

When you look for hard copy there are some great books around that share experiences in great depth, much more depth than a blog. But are they fact or fiction? I would say they are a mixture of both, with a leaning towards fiction based on fact.

I have done a bit of reading and recommend the following books:

(No -I am not the author or in anyway associated with them !!)

But reading is not the same as doing. Despite the problems in Thailand (they exist all over the world) Bangkok is a great place to have fun and eat some great food. Whether you are single, gay, have a partner, or a group of you, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Right now the rainy season is starting. But rain in Bangkok need not stop you having fun as it would at a beach.  So come over - there are some cheap flights available !

But remember to bring enough money. No money no honey.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Maids - Extra Duties

I have been meaning to write about this for ages. I am lazy I suppose - not like the maids I have employed over the many years I have been living in Bangkok.

In my time here I have lived in 4 seperate condos in different parts of the city and in each one I have employed maids to do general cleaning and laundry ( not live in). I recruited them by word of mouth or from a small advertisement on the condominium notice board. Each maid, and there has been 6 of them in total, have been excellent. I paid them the going rate which over time has varied from 200 - 500 Baht.

They were aged between 18 years and 40 - nothing special to look at, just pleasant girls. All were punctual, dilligent and reliable. They had another thing in common as well - they were interested in extra activites - sex.

It started the same way with each maid. After a few visits and having got to know them a bit I told them I needed a massage and was going to a massage shop for an hour or two. They all told me not to go but give them the money and they would do it after they finished cleaning. I took them up on the offers and the massage from each of them soon expanded into sex.

3 were married ( or so they said ) the other 3 were single ( or so they said 5555 ). The extra duties they performed went on until I moved condo or they just moved away. Now what worries me is the question is it normal for a maid to be like this ?

What prompted me to write this is that my maid has just left......

Friday, February 26, 2016

Something To Think About - Thai Girl

I thought my luck was in some months ago when I met a pleasant Thai girl who was one of the managers at a 5 star hotel in Bangkok. She was from Rayong, had a good job, spoke excellent English, had a car and small condo. We started going out and seemed to get on quite well.

After a few dates we ended up back at my place and spent the night together. There was no talk of money or anything similar. In the morning she went to work and we arranged to meet that night at her office in the hotel.

We met up and I could see she was not herself. We went for something to eat and she soon moved on to the topic of money. She said no farang can have sex with her for free !! I was not shocked but slightly amused. What ruined it for me was when she went on to say Thai men can for free but farang cannot !!  As you might expect that statement ended the conversation and she was history.