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Friday, February 26, 2016

Something To Think About - Thai Girl

I thought my luck was in some months ago when I met a pleasant Thai girl who was one of the managers at a 5 star hotel in Bangkok. She was from Rayong, had a good job, spoke excellent English, had a car and small condo. We started going out and seemed to get on quite well.

After a few dates we ended up back at my place and spent the night together. There was no talk of money or anything similar. In the morning she went to work and we arranged to meet that night at her office in the hotel.

We met up and I could see she was not herself. We went for something to eat and she soon moved on to the topic of money. She said no farang can have sex with her for free !! I was not shocked but slightly amused. What ruined it for me was when she went on to say Thai men can for free but farang cannot !!  As you might expect that statement ended the conversation and she was history.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sign Of The Times ?

I popped in to Pantip Plaza the other day. The last time I went there was about a year ago - then it was crowded with customers, stalls and all the shop space seemed occupied. Business seemed brisk.

But now many shop spaces are empty or shuttered. Many of the stalls on the upper floors have gone, the place looks as though it is on the way down.

I can only speculate on the reason - is it because tourist numbers are really down hence not enough customers ? Is it because business owners are getting out because the building is going to make way for a new development of some sort ? Are the small businesses being priced out of the market by the big guys ? Who knows - I don't.

I know everything changes over time but this is sad :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Massage In On Nut

I can't believe its been over 6 months since I last posted. I am still here but have been very busy. Busy counting the massage shops in On Nut !!

There are at least 31 massage shops within 10 minutes walking distance from On Nut BTS.. To me that is quite something. 31 massage shops in a place like On Nut ?  It is a wonder how they all make money but they do. Maybe it is something to do with On Nut growing rapidly. (If you want to live there try On Nut Condos if you need a condo or house).

Anyway, being out of the tourist areas don't expect all the staff in these shops to be éxtras' friendly because they are not. I have tried out about 15 of the shops over the months and the most staff did excellent oil massage. The odd ones that didn't soon went elsewhere. Yes, there was the odd HJ but the girls that did them wanted Sukhumvit prices. I had to explain that those sort of prices are not suitable for On Nut and most cut the price in half.

My favourite place is shown below - clean, nice staff and I have never had a bad massage there.

It is located at the end of Sukhumvit 77/1 next to the back way into Big C.